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Bible Study: The Book of Zechariah

The Book Of Zechariah

Genesis, Psalms, and Isaiah are the most quoted books in the NT, which, considering their length and crucial contents, is not surprising. Most would be amazed to learn that Zechariah, with only fourteen chapters, is quoted about forty times in the NT. Doubtless this is due especially to the fact that the book is so Messianic, certainly the most Christ-centered of the Minor Prophets.

Zechariah’s fascinating symbolic visions, plus his messages and revelations, all enhance the importance and interest of this post-exilic book, and make it somewhat more close in tone to the NT Book of Revelation. Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: Introduction To The Minor Prophets

Introduction To The Minor Prophets

The section of the OT from Isaiah through Malachi is often spoken of as “the Prophets.” Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel are known as the Major Prophets, simply because their books are longer than most of the others. The twelve shorter prophets are known as the Minor Prophets. Continue Reading Here