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Bible Study: The Book of the Revelation – LESSON 11

Calvary Bible Church Bible Study

The Book of the Revelation



Chapter 13:1-10  The Beast From The Sea:

John continues to introduce the chief participants of these final events, adding two more to those given in chapter 12.  A study of the Book of Daniel, chapters 7, 9, and 11 is essential to understanding this vital chapter of the Revelation. In Revelation19:20 the two beasts of this chapter are designated as the beast and the false prophet. With the dragon (vs. 2), they form a horrendous “trinity” of evil that is Satan’s perversion and corruption of the True Trinity of God (see Isaiah 14:12-14).  The beasts are the chief wicked instruments of Satan, used to fulfill his plans to attempt to “conquer” the souls of men.  In these “beasts” is the culmination of the world’s desire for the amalgamation and merger of political and religious power, a combination of church and state.  This UNHOLY trinity compares to God’s HOLY Trinity as follows: Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: The Holy Spirit – The Person of the Holy Spirit – Lesson #2

Lesson 2:   The PERSON of the Holy Spirit    

The Holy Spirit is seemingly the least understood of the members of the Trinity.  Although many churches in the modern era TALK about the Spirit, the vast majority of them focus on the “power” and the “gifts”, rather than the Person and Ministry of the Spirit.  And even then, they produce a lot of unbiblical information on the “power” and “gifts” that leads to a very unbalanced understanding of what Christianity is really all about. Continue Reading Here