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Women Of The Bible: Lesson #28 – Rhoda, Prominent Women, Lydia, The Philippian Slave Girl


Scripture reference:  Acts 12:13–16

In Jerusalem, houses were set side by side with their outside walls facing the street. The doors in these walls were kept closed, ensuring the family’s privacy and safety. The door had no windows or peepholes. Instead the doorkeeper was expected to recognize the voice of family friends and open the door only for friends.

These verses in Acts accurately depict this situation. Rhoda, the servant girl, answered a knock on the door and was stunned to recognize Peter’s voice.

One other element of this description is worth noting. The company inside suggested that what Rhoda really heard was Peter’s “angel.” First-century Jews believed that each person’s guardian angel closely resembled him or her. If Rhoda really heard Peter’s voice, perhaps it was Peter’s angel speaking rather than Peter himself! Continue Reading Here