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Bible Study: The Chaos Plan – Lesson #4

Lesson 4:  The Satanic “Pentecost”

Revelation 12:7-12 tells us of a time when Satan and his demons are cast to the earth.  Remember from the Book of Job that, even after Satan’s rebellion against God, he still had access to the Throne Room as “the accuser”.  Now he is ONLY able to be on earth, with his demons.  He (Satan) is FURIOUS, and will take it out upon the inhabitants of the earth with his demonic henchmen.  Expect to see drastically increased demonic activity, and an increase in the ferocity of that activity against people.

I use the term “Satanic Pentecost” to describe this event because the New Testament Pentecost (Acts 2) was an event where people who had been “prepared” (were already in a relationship with Jesus, either as apostles or disciples) became imbued with “power” (greek, “dynamis”, same as root word for dynamo or dynamite) in a specific way to carry out their “mission” (to live in holiness and to evangelize the world). Continue Reading Here