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Bible Study: The Book of the Revelation – LESSON 7

Calvary Bible Church Bible Study

The Book of the Revelation



Following the “commercial” (Parenthetical Passage) of chapter 7, we now return to the normal flow of the action, and pick up with the seventh seal judgment.


The Seventh Seal. 8:1–2.

vrs     1–2              At the opening of the seventh seal, an ominous silence pervades all nature, which is indicative of the solemnity of the things that are about to take place. It is the calm before the storm. The space of half an hour is not a reckoning according to a heavenly chronometer, but it does indicate a very brief period.  To give you an indication of the awesomeness of this moment, realize that there has NEVER been total silence in Heaven since the angels were created to praise God!  For the thousands and millions of angels to be TOTALLY SILENT for even a short time indicates that what they see when the seventh seal is opened is absolutely overwhelming.  The phrase, “the seven angels which stand before God”, refers to what is known in Jewish literature as “the angels of the presence”, the angels mentioned Biblically in Luke 1:19, and Ezekiel 9:2.  These  seven angels are entrusted with the service of blowing the seven trumpets (SHOFARS: Ram’s horn trumpets) of judgment (Zecheriah 9:14-16).  The blowing of the seven SHOFARS is what makes up the fulfillment of the seventh seal. Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: The Book of the Revelation – LESSON 6

Calvary Bible Church Bible Study

The Book of the Revelation




Chapter 7 introduces a new item that can be confusing if it is not understood and recognized.  This component is called a “PARENTHETICAL PASSAGE” (as though the material were in parentheses), and it is a “break” in the normal flow and progress of the action.  In the normal “flow” of things, the SIXTH SEAL would be followed immediately by the SEVENTH SEAL.  However, we find that this “flow” is interrupted by the vision of the 144,000 sealed Jews, and the multitude of Gentiles.  It may help you to think of these parenthetical passages as being like a commercial during a television program.  This is NOT to say that their information is any less important, but that they “break” into the normal flow of events.  As we progress through the rest of the Revelation, you will see other parenthetical passages. Continue Reading Here