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Book Of Genesis – Lesson #27

Lesson 27:  Genesis 47-49 

Read  Genesis 47:1-12

When five of Joseph’s brothers told Pharaoh that they were shepherds, he responded, as expected, by telling them to settle in the lush pasturelands ofGoshen. He also asked Joseph to find some competent men from among his relatives to tend the royal herds.

Joseph arranged for his father, then one hundred and thirty, to be presented to Pharaoh. The fact that Jacob blessed Pharaoh means that this aged, obscure Jew was greater than the potentate of Egypt, because the lesser is blessed by the greater (Heb. 7:7). Jacob said that his days had been few and evil. Actually he had brought most of the evil upon himself! Joseph settled his family in the best part ofEgypt, and provided all they needed. Theirs was truly the more abundant life. Continue Reading Here