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- Thomas Moore Law Center
- Alliance Defense Fund
- Pacific Justice Institute
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Leviticus Bible Study – Lesson #2

Lesson 2 includes Leviticus Capters 2 and 3  

Read Leviticus 2

The grain offering (in Hebrew, minhāh) was of meal flour, or grain.    There were various types of grain offerings, as follows: fine flour, with oil and frankincense poured on it (Lev. 2:1). This was not cooked, but a handful of it was burned on the altar (Lev. 2:2). There were three different types of bread or cakes: (a) baked in the oven (Leviticus 2:4); (b) baked in a flat pan (Lev. 2:5); (c) cooked in a covered pan (Lev. 2:7). There were also kernels of grain representing firstfruits of harvest, roasted in fire (Lev. 2:14). Verse 12 refers to a special meal offering (Lev. 23:15-21) which was not to be burned on the altar because it contained leaven. Continue Reading Here