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Bible Study: The Chaos Plan – Lesson #8 (last in series)

Lesson 8:  How Do We Deal With All This?

The information that we have been dealing with in this series of lessons can be terrifying, considering that it appears as if WE are the generation who will have to face the culmination of these things.  However, God’s Word has a lot to say to us about how to face these times with courage, righteousness, and strength.  We CAN continue to be a valid witness for Christ and His Gospel in the “end times”, but we have to make sure that we are following God’s Word and doing it His way. Continue Reading Here

Sermon Audio: Draw Closer To The Bible This Year

Scripture Reference:  2 Timothy 3:1-17


Pastor Roy’s Commentary:

The apostle now gives Timothy a description of conditions that will exist in the world prior to the Lord’s coming. It has often been pointed out that the list of sins that follows is very similar to the description of the ungodly heathen in Romans 1. The remarkable thing is that the very conditions that exist among the heathen in their savagery and uncivilized state will characterize professing believers in the last days. How solemn this is! Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: The ‘Trend Sets’ In Biblical Prophecy

How do we know that prophecy is being fulfilled?  We can look at “trends”.  In today’s world we can see many “trends” that can be compared to biblical prophecy.  Biblical prophecies are the warnings, and the prophetic outcome of events that the Prophets of Biblical times gave to us.  Below are the three “Trend Sets” we can use when we apply current events to biblical prophecy. Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: End Time Prophecies


1. Notes on Millennial Sacrifices, (Bottom of page)

2. Questions regarding the prophecies in the OT (Bottom of page)

3. Eight items missing from Ezekiel’s Temple (Bottom of page)

Lesson 1: Introduction

As we begin our study of End Times Prophecies, you need to know where I am coming from in terms of theological viewpoint.  As you probably know, every Biblical commentator has a certain viewpoint that they operate from, which directly affects and influences how they deal with the Scriptures (and associated information).  The fancy way of describing my view would be to say that I am a “Pre-Millennial Fundamentalist”.  What that really means is that I believe that there will be a series of events that are foretold in Scripture relating to a time period known as the “end times” or “latter days” which will occur immediately prior to a literal 1,000 year earthly reign of Christ, followed by the Eternal Kingdom.  Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: End times understanding and preparation 101


As we see the literal fulfillment of Biblical prophecy concerning the “end times” come to pass, we need to be aware that the day is coming (and I believe coming rapidly) that Christians will need to know what to do when we can no longer live in a “business as usual” manner.  The following material includes the subjects of  spiritual and emotional preparation, and several topics of physical preparation.  Of course, all of this information must be evaluated in light of a LOT of prayer.  Continue Reading Here