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Women Of The Bible: Lesson #27 – Sapphira, Dorcas, and Mary (Mother of John Mark)


Scripture reference:  Acts 5:1–11   Bible Search Tool

Date:  a.d. 35

Name:  Sapphira [suh-FIGH-ruh: “beautiful”]

Main contribution:  Her death for lying to the Holy Spirit inspired awe of God in believers and unbelievers alike.

Sapphira and her husband Ananias were among the first in Jerusalem to become Christians. In those first exciting days they were part of that fellowship Luke described in Acts 2:44–47. Continue Reading Here

Women Of The Bible: Lesson #19 The Rabbinic View Of Women In the NT

Bible Search Tool

The “Rabbinic” View of Women in the New Testament Era, and the Contrast with Jesus’ Interactions with them

The rabbis of Jesus’ day had little use for women. Their attitude, reflected in the sayings and rulings of the sages recorded during the two centuries after Christ, seem especially strange today. Take for example the dictum of Yose b. Yohanan of Jerusalem, “Talk not much with womankind” (mAbot 1.5). Rabbinic writings contain many comments on this pronouncement. The Mishna (IV, 493) notes, “They said this of a man’s own wife; how much more of his fellow’s wife,” while the Talmud says, “It was taught: Do not speak excessively with a woman lest this ultimately lead you to adultery” (bNed.201). Continue Reading Here

Women Of The Bible: Lesson #18 – The Last Women Of The Old Testament

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Scripture references:  Esther 1:10–22  Bible Search Tool

Vashti was the principal wife of King Ahasuerus (Xerxes), around 475 b.c. Her name means “beautiful woman,” and she was included in Scripture because her “stand for women’s rights”—or perhaps her natural obstinacy—led her to refuse the king’s command to appear at a banquet he was hosting. Vashti’s subsequent divorce by Xerxes led to the search for a new queen ofPersiathat resulted in the crowning of Esther. This enabled Esther to save the Jewish people from extermination. Continue Reading Here