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Bible Study: The Book of the Revelation – LESSON 16

Calvary Bible Church Bible Study

The Book of the Revelation


LESSON 16:  JUDGMENT ON BABYLON. 17:1–18:24 (part 2, chapter 18)

This chapter carries on the subject of God’s judgment on Babylon.  Since the church is the Bride of Christ and a city, the New Jerusalem (see 21:9–10), there is no valid reason to deny that the harlot Babylon is a city (cf. 18:10). It is proper to think of Babylon in chapter 17 as a vast religious (ecclesiastical) system (vrs. 2, 4, 6), and also in chapter 18 as a huge interlocking commercial system (vrs. 3, 11–17). The present chapter pictures the doom of so-called civilization in its social and commercial aspects. Civilization ever since the time of Cain has followed a path apart from God.  Continue Reading Here

Bible Study: The Book of Habakkuk


“Habakkuk was not a self-centered person concerned only with the comfort and safety of himself and his family. As a true patriot, he was deeply distressed by the moral and spiritual conditions about him. He loved his nation, and knew it was moving ever closer to the precipice of destruction by continuing to break the laws of God. Therefore two anguished questions burst forth from his lips: How long? and Why?”     —Richard W. De Haan

Habakkuk 2:4 has the distinction of being quoted three times in the NT. In Acts 13:40-41 the Apostle Paul ended his sermon in the synagogue at Antioch, Pisidia, by quoting Habakkuk 1:5, another illustration of how an apparently obscure and short OT book can have rich doctrinal content. Also, compare Habakkuk 3:17-18 with Philippians 4:4, 10–19. Both the prophet and the apostle could rejoice in their God no matter what the outward circumstances of life might be. Continue Reading Here