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Bible Study: The Book of the Revelation – LESSON 12

Calvary Bible Church Bible Study

The Book of the Revelation


LESSON 12 – The False Prophet and the Mark

Chapter 13:11-18   The Beast from the Earth.

The first beast comes from the sea, symbolic of the nations in turmoil; the second has his origin from the earth (or land), indicating one of two things (depending on the interpretation that is given to “earth” or “land”).  If the term is correctly translated as “earth”, then it would indicate that this second beast comes from something more stable or solid than the “sea” of the first beast.  This could easily indicate that the second beast will arise from the RELIGIONS of the world, since religion has lasted longer than any nation, kingdom, or political system in history.  On the other hand, if the word is translated as “land”, it would be a reference to the Land of Israel, which would indicate that he is of Jewish biological descent.  Thus, he would arise from the Land of Promise and will falsely claim to be of the nation of promise and the promised Messiah.


Vrs     11      Like Satan, this beast, the third member of the evil trio of the Tribulation Period, is a complete counterfeit of what IS God, and of what BELONGS to God.  He has horns like a lamb; Satan’s agents are able to pass themselves off as messengers of light (2nd Corinthians 11:13–15).   However, this beast “Spake as a dragon”.  His speech betrays him as a tool of Satan; he pretends meekness and humility as a lamb, but in actuality is promoting the doctrine and personality of the Devil.  With the military help of his superior, he can command universal compliance with his demands.


Vrs     12      As stated, the first beast is willing to sponsor this False Prophet, with the understanding that this second beast directs all worship to the first beast.


Vrs     13      Because God never sent a prophet of His without proper “identification” with miracles (see Moses and Elijah as examples), Satan must counterfeit this feature also in order to carry through the greatest deception of the ages. Notice that the miracles are characterized as great wonders, and one is specified (fire come down from heaven) which could deceive men into thinking that the beast has power even in heaven.


Vrs     14      The False Prophet, in working his miracles, commands that an image (idol) to the first beast be made for universal worship. Christ referred to this in Matthew 24:15.  It is the ultimate in man’s search to be like God. Satan tried it; those at the Tower of Babel attempted it; now the False Prophet puts the finishing touches to the gruesome blasphemy (see Matthew 24:24–25; 2nd Thessalonians 2:9–10).


Vrs     15      “And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast.”  The beast wants to make the deception as strong as possible. So the image is given breath to speak, to command worship, and to dish out capital punishment to those who refuse adoration of the idol.


Vrs     16–17 The nature of this combined authority in the two beasts is tyranny without consideration for divine or human rights. It is one thing to suffer social ostracism, political deprivation, or religious persecution; but to link idolatrous worship with economic deprivation is a master stroke of Satan.  Boycott is a potent use of force. In order to obtain the elements for livelihood, it will be necessary for everyone to be marked in their right hand, or in their foreheads with the mark of the beast, either his name … or the number of his name given in verse 18.  This means that a form of GLOBAL government and economy (whether formally as in a united world government, or informally as in international political and economic agreements) will have to exist.   How this “marking” will be carried out is the subject of controversy.  However, there is much modern technology that applies to this subject (see material on Digital Angel / Implantable microchips).  The word MARK is “charagma”, which literally means an imprinted mark made with a sharp point.  This could be a tattoo or an injection with a hypodermic needle.


Vrs     18      His number is Six hundred threescore and six. It is almost impossible to list the number of suggestions for 666, using the variety of numerological systems that have been tried; they range all the way from Nero in ancient Rome to Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Gorbachev, Vladimir Putin, Prince Charles of England, and other modern people. Probably the most that can be gleaned is that since seven is the biblical number of completion, six, which falls short of it, is man’s failure at its worst.




Proof that Barney the Dinosaur is the Beast


The phrase most often used to describe Barney is “Cute Purple Dinosaur”.  If we extract the Roman Numerals (remembering that the Romans had no “U”, but used a “V” instead) we get the following:


C U T E      P U R P L E      D I N O S A U R

CV            V     L        D I         V


In Roman Numerals,  I=1, V=5, L=50, C=100, and D=500


So we have

100+5+5+50+500+1+5 = 666