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Book Of Genesis – Lesson #28 and Conclusion

Lesson 28:  Genesis 50 and Conclusion 

Read  Genesis 50:1-14

Even the Egyptians mourned for seventy days when Jacob died. His body was embalmed by the palace physicians. Then Pharaoh gave Joseph permission to accompany the body back to Canaan, with a great procession of officials, relatives, and servants. They stopped east of the Jordan and mourned for seven days so deeply that the Canaanites called the place Abel Mizraim, the mourning of Egypt. Following the burial in the cave of Machpelah at Hebron, Joseph and his entourage returned to Egypt.

Read Genesis 50:15-21

Now that Jacob was dead, Joseph’s brothers feared that he might seek vengeance on them, They sent word to him, claiming that their father Jacob had left word that Joseph should forgive them. Joseph disclaimed any intent to seek revenge or to judge, since that was God’s prerogative. He further relieved their fears with the memorable words, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good … ”  Refer again to Romans 8:28.

Read Genesis 50:22-26

Joseph was apparently the first of the twelve sons of Jacob to die. This was fifty-four years after his father’s death. His faith that God would take the people of Israel back to Canaan is eulogized in Hebrews 11:22. He gave instructions that his bones be buried in that land.

It has been pointed out that Genesis opens with God’s perfect act of creation of the universe, and closes with a coffin in Egypt. The Book of Genesis is a rousing testament to God’s primary focus on human beings as the pinnacle of creation, and as the object of His attention and love.  Whereas two chapters are devoted to an account of the creation of the heavens and earth, forty-eight chapters are concerned with the lives of men and women. God is interested primarily in people.

The themes introduced in Genesis are played out through the rest of the Bible.  Mankind, sin, rebellion, grace, atonement, restoration, and many more are established in Genesis.  As you have noticed in this study, many end times events and people are either directly established, or foreshadowed in this book.  A thorough knowledge of Genesis is essential to understanding the “WHY” and the “HOW” of so many different parts of the New Testament.