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Bible Study: The ‘Trend Sets’ In Biblical Prophecy

How do we know that prophecy is being fulfilled?  We can look at “trends”.  In today’s world we can see many “trends” that can be compared to biblical prophecy.  Biblical prophecies are the warnings, and the prophetic outcome of events that the Prophets of Biblical times gave to us.  Below are the three “Trend Sets” we can use when we apply current events to biblical prophecy.


Matthew 24 (verse 8), the “beginning of sorrows” leading up to the time of the Tribulation.  These “trend items” are:  False Christs (as in the New Age Movement, where EVERYONE is “Christ”) ; Wars and Rumors of wars; Ethnic hatred and bloodshed (the word translated as “nation” is “ethnos” meaning ethnic group); National and international conflicts; famines; diseases and plagues; and earthquakes.  In Biblical Study, the acceleration and fulfillment of the stated TRENDS always leads to the fulfillment of specific prophetic events once the TRENDS reach their peak.


These involve the things that the Bible says will happen DURING the Tribulation Period that would require some “set-up” in order to happen.  For example, the Book of the Revelation, in Chapter 13:7-8, 13:11-12 and 13:16-17 refer to (in order): a world government; a world religion (see the growing Ecumenical Movement); and a world cashless economy.  Since we know that these types of world-wide coordinated efforts cannot just “appear” overnight, we understand that they would require a time of “building up to them”.  The more we see these things building, and the faster we see them coming toward us, we know that the “end times” are drawing nearer.  Also, the earlier chapters of the Revelation refer to what are commonly known as “the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, which are Conquest, War, Famine and extremely high food prices, and Death and Disease.


Other trends that we see in Scripture relating to the “end times” include an increased focus on Israel by the world, particularly dealing with peace treaties and the city of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:3).  Observing the current world focus on the proposed “peace process” and the world’s insistence that “everyone” be involved, it is easy to see that this trend is growing.