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Women Of The Bible: Lesson #27 – Sapphira, Dorcas, and Mary (Mother of John Mark)


Scripture reference:  Acts 5:1–11   Bible Search Tool

Date:  a.d. 35

Name:  Sapphira [suh-FIGH-ruh: “beautiful”]

Main contribution:  Her death for lying to the Holy Spirit inspired awe of God in believers and unbelievers alike.

Sapphira and her husband Ananias were among the first in Jerusalem to become Christians. In those first exciting days they were part of that fellowship Luke described in Acts 2:44–47. Continue Reading Here

Women Of The Bible: Lesson #24 – Jarius Wife and Daughter, The Syro-Phoenician, Mary and Martha, The Widow and her mite

Lesson  24:    Jarius Wife and Daughter, The Syro-Phoenician, Mary and Martha, The Widow and her mite


Scripture references:  Matthew 9:18, 23–25;  Mark 5:22-23, 35–42  Luke 8:41-42, 49–55  Bible Search Tool

We know little about Jairus’s wife and her daughter. We know that the two women, one an adult and one a child, were members of a privileged class. Jairus’s position as an important official in the synagogue indicates that the family possessed both wealth and a good reputation. Yet none of this protected them from tragedy. The daughter fell deathly ill and died. All the mother could do was to look on, helpless and heartbroken.

Then Jesus came, in response to Jairus’s desperate request. Jesus brought the twelve-year-old back to life. In so doing, Jesus healed the mother’s broken heart. Continue Reading Here

Women Of The Bible: Lesson #21 – Elizabeth, Peter’s Mother-In-Law + The Samaritan Woman

Bible Search Tool


Scripture references: Luke 1:5–7, 36–45, 57–61

Date:  5 b.c.

Name: Elizabeth [ee-LIZ-uh-buth: “God is my oath”].

Main contribution:  She gave birth to John the Baptist, whose prophetic ministry prepared for Jesus’ appearance.

Elizabeth was the wife of a priest named Zacharias. She was selected by God to give birth to John the Baptist whom Jesus called the greatest of the Old Testament prophets. John met the conditions necessary to be identified as the prophet whose appearance preceded the establishment of God’s earthly kingdom (Mal. 4:5, 6). Continue Reading Here

Women Of The Bible: Lesson #20 – Mary Of Nazareth – Mother Of Jesus


Scripture references:  Matthew 1; 2; 12:46–50; 13:55; Mark 3:31–35; Luke 1; 2; 8:19, 20; John 2:1–11; 7:5; 19:25–27; Acts 1:14. See also pages 163–64.   Bible Search Tool

Date:  5 b.c.

Name:  Mary [in the Hebrew “Miriam”, meaning “rebellion”]

Main contribution:  Mary gave birth to Jesus, the Savior.

When Mary was a teenager betrothed to a man named Joseph, the angel Gabriel announced to her that she had been chosen by God to give birth to the promised Messiah. Mary responded with simple faith, accepting the privileged role despite the fact that her pregnancy would seem to Joseph to mark unfaithfulness and might mark her as a harlot in her community. God guarded Mary’s reputation and sent the angel to speak to Joseph.   It is interesting to note that although her name means “rebellion”, she was faithfully obedient to the Lord. Continue Reading Here